Small Business Grants – Types of Grantors and a Few Thoughts about the Application Process

If you have a small business and lots of ideas for growth and development, but you don’t have the necessary funds, with small business grants you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. Many business owners are worried about the competition for getting such grants and indeed, you must be aware that each grant program receives thousands of applications, but with a good and lucrative idea and the right approach you can find the right source and put together a winning application – here is how.

Grants for Small Business Development from Local Sources

The best approach to find suitable grants is by starting your search locally, then extending the scope of your query to other sources. Check with the local Chamber of Commerce for grant opportunities – establishing contact with the office is very useful even if there are currently no local grant programs suitable for you because you can ask for information about how to continue your search. You can also do a little surfing online to find private foundations or non-profit organizations that offer grants for regional enterprises or for specific demographic groups in a certain region.

Niche and Industry-Specific Grants for Small Business Opportunities

Industry or niche specific organizations and associations also offer grants to promote the development of small businesses, so finding and visiting the websites of these entities is also very useful. Large corporations that operate in your domain are also great sources of small business grants – many of them have recognized the importance of stimulating small entrepreneurship as a means to help the development of healthy competition as well as for finding future business partners and clients. You can find these opportunities if you visit the websites of the biggest companies in your industry – if they offer financial help, they will announce it on their website.

Other Sources of Small Business Grants

You can find many business grant opportunities that are offered with the goal of stimulating entrepreneurship among members of a certain minority community or social group. There are grants available for companies that employ people with disabilities, grants for business owners who belong to a minority, grants that stimulate businesses owned by individuals coming from low-income families – the list can go on and on, with the opportunities available to you from easy-to-find online sources.

Collecting Documents and Presenting Yourself – the Most Important Part of Applying for Small Business Grants

The principles used for the evaluation of grant proposals is very similar with all programs: you need to prove that your business is eligible for the grant and you need to prove that you are the best applicant. Eligibility needs to be proved with the documents related to your business and your activity, while you will have the opportunity to prove how good you are with the help of your company summary and business plan. Bear in mind that the boards that evaluate applications for small business grants will consider only complete and error-free documentations submitted by the application deadline, so make sure you comply with these requirements as well.