Are there really federal business grants out there for my company? This is a common question asked by company owners when federal business grants are mentioned as a source of financing for a business endeavor. The answer is yes, if you meet the eligibility requirements and can complete a competitive federal business grant application.

If you are looking for a business federal grant for a new or small business, the best website to gain helpful information or assistance is The SBA (Small Business Administration) is focused on providing information on financing, planning, and a variety of other services just for small or emerging businesses. The SBA does not provide grants directly to individuals or companies, but they can help you find federal business grant opportunities and prepare items that you will need before submitting a successful federal business grant application.

The primary website to visit for information on federal business grants is All federal organizations streamline their grant applications through this system. The electronic grants system can be hard to navigate for beginners. It is also imperative to register with the system several weeks in advance of the business federal grant’s deadline! Some of the information you must enter into is identification information from other agencies. Your business must be pre-registered with Dunn and Brad Street and with CCR (Central Contractor Registration). After you have received your identification number from Dunn and Brad Street and completed the CCR, you can complete the registration and be on your way to applying for federal business grants. Be careful to allow for enough time to complete everything required and have the system verify the information.

The information on grants can be difficult to understand for those not accustom to federal business grants. It may be necessary to contact the granting agency directly with questions concerning the federal business grant application. It is important to download the instructions and application packet to your computer for review several weeks or months in advance of the grant application deadline. Many businesses submitting a federal business grant application do not even make it to the review panel because of required information that is not submitted along with the application. If you qualify for the federal business grant, complete the application carefully, submit all required information and documentation, write the grant narratives in a clear and compelling manner; you are well on your way to reaping the benefits of applying for a grant!