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Grant Writing

You are now ready to begin the grant writing of the application, but, wait, where do I begin? This is a common reaction when you download the grant application packet and the instruction outline

Grant Research

The research for grants to fund a specific project, program, or need is extremely time intensive and often becomes overwhelming.

Grant Application

Yes! There really are grants out there for businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals for specific endeavors,

Ever dreamed of winning the lottery? Well, your odds just got a whole lot better! No, we don’t have a secret formula for finding the next set of Power Ball winning numbers. But we are going to show you how to get your hands on some of the free United States grant funding that is available out there for people who want it. The public sector gives away — yes, that’s gives away — more than $400 billion in free funding every year. With more than 5,000 federal programs alone (not including those programs run by the states), there might be money out there for just about anyone — or anything. Additionally, there are 65,000-100,000 foundations and corporations that also give away free funding. You only have to confirm that you are eligible! So, if there’s so much free funding being handed out, why don’t more people apply? First, getting your hands on some of that money isn’t always easy. It takes time and work just to sort through the thousands of available funding opportunities, then there’s filling out applications and writing proposals—all with no guarantee that you’ll ever receive a check. That’s simply too much work for most people, especially when they wonder if there is even free funding that’s right for them. But, for those willing to invest the time and energy into finding, applying for, and submitting proposals, it can be very profitable. With the right team of people assisting you, the process can be made clearer, manageable and easier.

Free Funding Applications

There are other companies that offer their support in finding free funding. But New USA Grants has a special emphasis in new funding opportunities—our research team finds newly-created funding opportunities that were never before available . . . and reveals them to you! Of course, we still include information on all the established funding opportunities; but we have an additional focus on newly released funding opportunities. When teamed up with our company, you are on the cusp of new funding information. Because of your membership with, it’s like you get the opportunity to be first in line for the money giveaway! There is money available. Your goal as a funding seeker is to first find it, then figure out how to prove to the providing organization that you should get it. Don’t you want the best team at your side?

To help assist us in providing you with the most current up-to-date information about the funding world, we only charge a small amount of $34.95, to help cover our expenses. The great news is that we have a guarantee with our service. If you apply and get turned down by any of the funding sources we have on our website, then we will refund you immediately. All you have to do is send us the funding source you applied to and their response. You will have 90 days from the date of this transaction to submit your refund request along with your denial letter. What are you waiting for? If there really is funding to help you start/expand a business or help you get into a home, or whatever you worthwhile project is, then why not get started today? Start Applying Today!