Grant Research

The research for grants to fund a specific project, program, or need is extremely time intensive and often becomes overwhelming. Usually, the grant research requires an internet connection and the registration with several databases before the research will turn up a funder that offers funding to match your need. Not only do you spend uncountable hours on grant research to turn up a grant opportunity for your project, but then you must spend additional time checking out the eligibility requirements for who can apply! It is clear that finding grants is a challenge, but there are a few organizations out there to assist with this process.

The most known organization out there to assist in your grant research for funding to startup a business is the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA is focused on providing assistance that will help you be successful in today’s economy. The SBA does not give out startup business grants directly to small businesses or individuals, but they are willing to assist you with the research for grant opportunities, financing, planning, and a variety of other needed activities.

The most used website for federal grant research is As you do your grant research, this website will give you access to every federal grant opportunity available. All federal organizations streamline their grant applications through this system. The system requires that all organizations register before submitting a grant request, but you can still utilize the website for grant research without registering.

The hardest type of grant research is on foundation grants. You will find some foundations do not have a website! If you are trying to do grant research on this select few, you might try the library. Usually, the best place to begin your grant research on foundations is with a regional or state-wide organization that provides accurate information on all foundations that give grants to your geographical area (Some state agencies or local government offices can direct you to the correct agency). You will find that during your grant research that some organizations are setup to give foundation grants only to a set cause or organization. The foundation’s grants cannot be “solicited”, since the donor has placed restrictions on their financial gift.

Yes, the grant research is difficult, but the grant funds are out there! If you identify the correct grant opportunity and prepare the application accurately and compellingly, you will have sufficient funds to complete your project.