Applying for government grants are challenging to identify, secure, and administer. However, government grants are a great way to fund important projects and establish critical programs. A great place to begin the process is to identify the 26 granting agencies and the types of government grants they each offer. If you have clearly defined project, it is easier to decide which agency is likely to offer government grants for your type of project. By determining whether your project falls under agriculture, education, housing, etc. you can narrow your search down to just one agency. Thus, you eliminate lengthy research.

Your first step in securing government grants is to register with <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> and to contact the appropriate state office for technical support. All federal agencies streamline their funding programs through the online grant system. It allows potential recipients the options of searching for government grants, downloading application packets, and then submitting the grant application directly to the administering federal agency. The registration of <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> is lengthy and requires information from Dunn and Brad Street and Central Contractors Registration (CCR) to be entered before registration can be completed. Allow around ninety days for registration to ensure sufficient time for the completing of the grant application. Also, it is important to notify your state agency of your intent to apply for federal government grants. In some cases, you may need a letter of support from the appropriate governing state body.

If you are interested in government grants for a small business or business startup, you can receive assistance from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA has locations in every state and offer one-on-one meetings with you free of charge. The SBA does not offer government grants directly to individuals or businesses, but they will assist you in identifying government grants, developing your business, and writing a business plan. You will need this information before you can apply for government grants.

With the struggles in today’s economy, government grants are being utilized more and more by corporations creating a competitive grant process. To ensure that you are successful in your government request, allow sufficient time to gather data, write creative narratives, and provide ample documentation. It is a good practice to have someone without knowledge of your organization or project to read through your government grant application. They would be quick to notice if there is missing information or if your application narratives are hard to follow. Remember, the agency reviewing your application does not know you are your project before you submit your government grant application.