For years environmentalists have encouraged factories, businesses, and individual consumers to be environmentally friendly. Many corporations would gladly update equipment, etc., but cannot pay for the improvements to their current methods of production. The government and a variety of other funders decided to use green grants as an incentive for green improvements to be made throughout the world.

How do I find green grants to fund my needed improvements? Well, the first step is identifying opportunities at a federal, state and local level. The best place to search them is. This website is an essential tool for green grant seekers to use in determining the eligibility of their organization. The first challenge of is the registration process. Several items of information you must provide include identification numbers from two other agencies. A grant seeker must register with Dunn and Bradstreet as well as CCR (Central Contractors Registration) before registering with This process can easily take up to three to six weeks. Make sure that all the information you provide to these agencies is correct or you will not be able to complete your registration. Federal agencies utilize this electronic system because it streamlines the verification process and makes the granting process easier. It is also important to download the green grant application and instruction packet in a timely manner to assure that all required information is included.

Many states with industrial backgrounds are offering green grants as a way to cut back on energy usage and pollution. If a business looking to locate within a particular state wants to make improvements to an older facility, it is likely that green grants are available to pay for the cost of energy efficiency improvements. Energy efficiency improvements include solar panels, green roofs, new heating/cooling systems, temperature controls, solar water heaters, and various equipment updates.

It is important to remember that green grants benefit both the environment and the recipient. More likely than not the improvement being made through the grant will also save the implementer in the long term. It is expensive to invest in upgraded equipment, but over the lifespan of the new equipment you will save money in utility costs, and repairs, etc. If you are interested in pursuing green grants, make sure to document within your application, not only the need for the project, but also the environmental impact of its implementation.