The healthcare field is expanding and expounding on a seemingly daily basis. There are always updated technology, new information and discoveries, and always a need for additional research to be done on new diseases, treatment, etc. How can a hospital, university or clinic stay up-to-date on everything they need to offer cutting edge treatment to their patients or students? Healthcare Grants!

Healthcare Grants can cover a wide range of projects, programs and equipment needs. For hospitals and clinics interested in healthcare grants, there are numerous foundations and government grants available. Once again, the most important step is to determine what you need and which healthcare grants funding criteria you can meet.

Foundations are usually more flexible in their funding requirements and offer a larger selection of healthcare grants. It doesn’t matter what type of healthcare grant you need, more than likely it is available. Foundations often focus on providing healthcare grants to underdeveloped areas, low-to-moderate income level areas, specific areas of expansion of services (such as heart care, etc.), technology updates, and youth focused healthcare. To find foundations offering healthcare grants in your area, the best source for assistance is your local governmental entities and state governmental agencies. These entities are usually able to supply you with information on regional or state-wide organizations that collect information on foundations that offer grants for healthcare within your geographical area.

Not-for-profits, hospitals, universities, clinics, and schools looking for federal healthcare grants, the best resource is This electronic grants submission system is used by granting agencies to streamline the government healthcare and other grants process by verifying general, legal, financial, and other information before the grant application is even submitted! The system requires that all users be registered with Dunn and Brad Street and CCR (Central Contractors Registration). The registration with these agencies can take up to three or four weeks, since all information is verified and then authorized before an organization is allowed to register. Make sure to allow sufficient time for registration and healthcare grant preparation (approximately 21 – 90 days depending upon which healthcare grant you are applying for).

Once you are registered and ready to fill out the healthcare grant application, make sure you read over the instruction and application packet carefully. Some agencies will provide a checklist for you to follow. However, there are times that an agency will request documenting information within the application narrative sections that will not be on the checklist! This is due to the documenting information being based upon what you need funded. Be sure to carefully follow instructions and write a compelling healthcare grant application to assure your request is funded!