Financial Aid Programs with Lots of Opportunities

Whether you are planning to obtain your first degree in science or you are returning to school after a longer break to finish the studies you started years ago, college scholarships for women in science can help you focus all your efforts and attention on studying, lifting the burden of financial worries off your shoulders. Ladies are still under- represented in science majors and there are more and more funds available for them from associations, foundations, professional organizations, government and state institutions and private companies to encourage women of all ages to attend college to study science.

Types of College Scholarships for Women in Science

Whether it is biology, physics, chemistry, IT or other disciplines that you are interested in, college scholarships for women in science come in many different shapes and sizes:

  • Some programs offer financial help for women who pursue a specific major such as cyber-security or stem cell research;
  • There are programs available for female students residing in specific towns or regions;
  • Some scholarships are geared towards only for part-time or only for full-time students, while others are available to all women majoring in science;
  • Some scholarship programs provide the receiver with a one-time amount, while others are paid in monthly instalments for an entire academic year;
  • There are scholarships that provide financial help, while others provide receivers the possibility to spend time studying at a different college. The scholarship terms can range from a few weeks to an entire academic year.

What most scholarships have in common is that they are awarded based on academic merit or, in the case of first-year students, based on high-school results.

Eligibility and Plus Points in Science Scholarship Applications

General eligibility conditions include citizenship, academic merit or high GPA scores, but each scholarship provider has its own set of requirements. Some appreciate extra- curricular activities such as community work, others require applicants to submit a personal essay about their goal in the field of scientific research as well as about personal objectives, and they select applicants whose views comply with the philosophy of the scholarship provider.

Where to Find Science Scholarships for Women

The range of scholarship providers is just as varied as the types of scholarships available. The best way to start looking for a scholarship is by carrying out a research online – you will quickly find dozens of websites that list available programs. It is also a good idea to have a look at the scholarships provided by your college – the information office can probably provide at least some guidance about where to continue your search. Large companies and industrial groups also provide college scholarships for women in science, so you can have a look at their websites too, but what is most important is to start your search as soon as possible, so that you can find the best options in due time.