Identifying suitable minority scholarship programs, preparing the applications for the funding programs you have found and managing your applications are complex, tedious, often overwhelming tasks, and so is the handling of the student applications on the donor’s side, but with an integrated solution, all that can change now – it can all become simple and easy thanks to a platform called e Scholarship, for minority and non-minority students and funding providers alike.

eScholarship is a streamlined cloud-hosted platform that integrates the best practices from the most successful scholarship programs. It allows all the participants of the scholarship-awarding process to communicate and manage important data through an easy-to-use and feature-rich interface – parents, students, administrators and schools become all connected. The platform works across computers and mobile devices as well – all you need to have to be able to use the platform is a device connected to the internet and your login data. Information can be entered manually or imported, edited and submitted with a few clicks whenever needed. Reporting is also quick, easy and efficient, with documents created and exported for being used either inside the eScholarship system or outside of it.

The platform provides a meeting point between applicants and scholarship programs. Students not only have the option to edit their existing applications and to send new applications through the system, but they can also manage important documents such as essays and photos easily, thus making the whole process a lot faster and simpler.

The eScholarship platform proposes to facilitate the connection between applicants to scholarship programs as well as between funding providers and schools. Many funding providers are faced with the increasing difficulty of managing the large set of software solutions they use for handling the tasks related to the management of scholarship- related information, including the handling of the applications they receive. With eScholarship, donors can simplify and streamline these activities and connect quickly to schools, K-12, 2-year and 4-year colleges alike. Another great feature is that the platform also has an important measuring and evaluating function – since it is able to handle not only student applications, but test scores, grades, enrollment and many other details related to a student’s academic achievement as well, the software can be used for follow-up as well.

The advantages of e Scholarship for minority and non-minority students are tremendous, but schools and funders can also greatly benefit from the software.