Disability grants available from government and private sources are available to disabled individuals. The challenge is finding the disability grant opportunities that fit your needs. Most of the grants for the disabled are given to local, regional or national not-for-profits to oversee and administer. These organizations utilize the grant funds to assist disabled individuals by providing services versus giving out funds to individuals to use for their specific needs. The types of needs usually covered by individual disability grants or by the overseeing organization are: health care, transportation, education, training, career adjustments, housing, ADA modifications, housing repairs, and living necessities.

If you are a disabled individual interested in starting a business, there are additional funds available for business startup. The important thing to remember is most grants are not just for the disabled. You may receive additional consideration for being a disabled individual, but other businesses and individuals are allowed to apply. The most well-known organization out there to assist startup businesses is the Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA is focused on providing assistance that will help you be successful in today’s economy. The SBA does not give out disability grants directly to small businesses or individuals, but they are willing to assist you with identifying disability business grant opportunities, financing, planning, and a variety of other needed activities. One important item needed for any disability grant is a business plan. It will be required by all government granting agencies. The SBA has representatives all over the USA that will meet with you free of charge to discuss your plans, help you prepare needed documents, and assist you to better develop your small business so that you can qualify for a disability grant.

Once you determine what you need a disability grant to pay for, you can begin your search for federal, state, and private funding sources. The best website for federal disability grant opportunities is www.grants.gov. This website is utilized by all federal agencies for their grant programs. It is a time consuming process, but once you register it offers a one-stop-shop for searching and submitting disability grants.

If you are searching for funding to cover a specific project that impacts disabled individuals, the best funding source is private foundations. Many States have regional or state-wide organizations that will offer a list or book that shows all the foundations in the area or that offer funding to your specific geographical area. This is a good starting place for identifying disability grant opportunities. Remember, few funding sources offer grants just to the disabled. Usually, it is open to various individuals or organizations. With this in mind, make sure to follow all the guidelines and to write a compelling disability grant application.