The ins and Outs of Pell Grant Requirements and Pell Grant Qualifications

Pell Grant requirements and Pell Grant qualifications are determined on an annual basis. There are a series of factors that are taken into consideration. This is a federal government student aid assistance program and, as such, these requirements and qualifications are set forth by the federal government each year and renewed by Congress with the passage of the federal budget.

Some key factors of Pell Grant Requirements are that a student is in attendance of a post-secondary undergraduate program and is not currently incarcerated and does not become incarcerated throughout the time that they are receiving assistance. Additionally, there are income requirements that must be met as this program is designed to help lower-income families to offset the cost of school for students seeking a higher education. There are also attendance and enrollment requirements that must meet a certain threshold throughout the duration of the grant period.

Pell Grant qualifications also state that the student cannot receive aid for more than 12 semesters. So, in order to qualify the student must not have already received assistance for longer than this period of time or for more than a total of twelve semesters.

It is often difficult for someone to determine on their own if they meet the Pell Grant qualifications. Sometimes students read about and think that they will likely not qualify, but don’t realize that they may qualify for some aid, but maybe not the maximum. The best way to determine Pell Grant qualification is to complete a FAFSA application with the student aid office at your chosen school.

One of the other Pell Grant requirements is that you only receive the grant from one school. There are often times where students attend multiple schools at once based on the availability of classes and other factors. Even though this might be true, a student is only able to receive aid from one school at any given time. It is important to know not to apply for the grant from more than one school, even though a student might be enrolled and attending multiple schools at a time.

When it comes to Pell Grant eligibility, income is one of the biggest determining factors on the amount aid that a person would be eligible to receive. There is a standard calculation that is done that takes into account the entire household’s income, the amount of money that the family would be expected to contribute, and the amount of money that the student would be expected to contribute that is solely based on their income.

Luckily, there are people at each school that help with student aid. They specialize in assisting students in making them aware of and applying for the different types of financial assistance that are available to them both publicly and privately. The best way to determine Pell Grant eligibility and to understand all of the Pell Grant qualifications is to seek guidance from the student aid office at your school and to go back each year to see if you are eligible.