It is a general misconception that the federal government will provide the grants only the organizations and large business owners. The non-profit companies, educational institutes as well as the small business holders are also eligible for the grants by the federal government.

So here are some of the minority grants that the minority business owners can apply for:
<h2>1-USDA Grants</h2>
The US department of agriculture provides the rural business grants. The funds are distributed in the rural community and they range from $150,000 to grantees. It helps in the development of the business and the organization by providing special training to their workers. As well as they employees are specially trained according to the latest technologies and techniques that will enhance the productivity of the organization.
<h3>-SBA Grant</h3>
It is the Program for Investment in Act works of the Entrepreneurs with the U.S. Private venture Administration (SBA) to give allows amongst $50,000 and $250,000 to microenterprise associations and projects that convey administrations to business people.
A more grounded center is utilized if the entrepreneur is female, an American Indian tribe or an association that reports to an American Indian tribe. The assets help to give specialized help and construct business limit in both new and existing organizations.
<h3>3-State Grants</h3>
States offer financing through such projects as the Iowa Department of Economic Development’s focused on independent company help alternative.
<li>While this system of grant determines that minorities may apply, the business probably existed for no less than three years and must have under $4 million in yearly pay to qualify.</li>
<li>It will, in any case, be qualified; nevertheless, the length of the proprietor remains a first-time proprietor.</li>
<li>Ladies, individuals from minorities and people with disabilities should possess and work no less than 51 percent of the business to qualify.</li>
<li>The greatest financing that the program honors is $50,000</li>
<h3>4-Business Loans</h3>
The SBA offers loans with a lower value of interest to the qualified entrepreneurs who are ladies and individuals from minorities. These cash loans are generally reachable without a credit report and are repayable over a long period. Despite the fact that these are not awards, they are monetary help accessible to first-time minority entrepreneurs.
<h3>5-Gerogia Pacific Grant</h3>
Georgia-Pacific is a multinational manufacturer of paper, pulp, and tissue items. Established in 1927, the organization stores programs that enhance the lives of individuals in the groups where it works. Activities, projects or business wanders in an enterprise that emphatically influence the nearby group is qualified for stipends, and minority entrepreneurs may qualify in the event that they fit these criteria.
<h3>6-Amber Foundation Grant</h3>
Introduced in 1998, the motivation for the Amber Foundation’s is to respect the memory of a youthful lady who kicked the bucket before she could understand her fantasies. Gifts extend from $500 to $1,500 and are accessible for ladies of every social gathering to reserve little costs acquired in the start-up of a business.
So now the minorities can have the peace of mind as they would be allowed to get the required Grant. So start the business in the best possible way.